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F1: Hamilton Escapes Penalty Despite Outrageous Weaving

The rules are quite clear in F1, a driver may change lines once in defence of their position, which beggars the question how did Lewis Hamilton escape penalty for what amounted to the most outrageous weaving I've seen since the 1980s?

At the very least a drive through penalty should have been imposed or in lieu of that a 20 second time penalty at the end of the race.

I'm amazed that no appeal has been lodged, especially by Ferrari who would see Felipe Massa increase his championship lead should Hamilton be demoted.

This Really Should Be The Labour Campaign

This is The Guardian's April Fool poster. A joke perhaps but it bests anything that any political party has come up with in my lifetime... A little light relief from what promises to be a very long month of political bullshit that passes for an election campaign.

iPad Sales: Good, Bad or Somewhere Inbetween

Predictions for Apple iPad sales were variously half a million, 700,000; and over a million in the weeks leading up to launch day.

Actual sales? 300,000.

That's pretty good for a device that few will actually have a valid use for. Yet for once the hyperbole and media frenzy that Apple whipped up worked against them and the stock market failed to leap as it has in the days following other product launches.

All the same that's an impressive set of numbers for a days worth of sales, especially when you consider that a proportion of pre-orders must be for the as yet unreleased 3G version.

What will be far more telling will be its first month's performance as the early adopters complete their buying storm and Apple's target market start considering their potential purchases.

The benchmark will be the 74 days that the iPhone took to sell its first million. Somehow I think the iPad will easily best that.

The iPad? Cory Doctorow Says It All

I think my position on the iPad is pretty clear: its a weak product with limited utility being given much hype by a gushing media who think that it will save their tired and dying economic models. Cory Doctorow manages to put these feelings into words in a way that would always be beyond me so I suggest you click here for a proper explanation of why the iPad should fail.

Saying that I really can't see the iPad failing, there are far too many people out there who will take form over function or buy it because Steve Jobs tells them too.

How To Fix F1

It's hard to see how F1 can fix its woes this season. In fact its going to be a season spent praying for inclement weather, safety cars and qualifying problems to mix up grids.

So what this graphic represents is a model for fixing the issues with overtaking and side by side racing.

1. Front wings and nose. My new formula calls for a standard single plane front wing devoid of Gurney flaps. With the need for air over the front of the car to generate front-end down force reduced, it should be possible for a car to follow another car through a corner in order to gain a tow down the subsequent straight. There will also be a requirement for the monocoque to have a flat floor with no gaps or twin keel type arrangements for the same reason.

2. Tyres and brakes. Tyres get wider - about 30% wider than today's Bridgestone. This further increases mechanical grip and coupled with the new front wing should see a car able to closely follow another through a corner in order to line up an attack.…

A MacBook Pro Will Make You Suicidal

Well the author of this post thought so anyway. What kind of company would release a laptop with a razor sharp edge to its palm rest anyway? Still, its a first for me, in twenty years of owning laptops from thin sub-notes to clunky desktop replacements not once have I (or anyone I know) ever had to take a file to a machine to make using it bearable!

F1: Malaysian GP Weather Forecast

Another BBC Weather exclusive, here's the prediction for this weekend's Sepang race.

There's about a 50-50 chance of rain on raceday and about a 40% chance for practice and qualifying. I suspect we may get another rain enlivened race especially as Malaysian storms can blow up quickly (as last year's race stopping downpour showed).