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Showing posts from March 21, 2010

F1: Hamilton Car Impounded

Not his Mclaren fortunately but his Mercedes loan car. Apparently local law enforcement took exception to Lewis performing a burn out on his way out of the track and have impounded his car for 48 hours.

Can't see what their problem is really, its not like he isn't one of the world's greatest drivers and probably more under control of things than the average cop at their most attentive. Frankly I'd give him a medal for livening the image of Grand Prix drivers up a bit...

Rather reminds me of the excellent Hamilton, Alonso, Hakinnen advert that Mercedes used a couple of years ago, before that particular partnership fell apart.

F1: Virgins Won't Go All The Way!

After a pretty dismal start to the season in Bahrain the one thing the Virgin team didn't need was more bad publicity. So having to admit that the fuel tanks in their cars aren't big enough to get them to the end of a race seems like a particularly awkward thing to have to admit.

The team are claiming that changes in the regulations meant their initial design was compromised, yet all the other teams seem to avoided that particular pratfall...

I'm not a big fan of Nick Wirth, Virgin team boss, (anyone who remembers Imola 1994 will know why) so the only disappointment for me is that the FIA are allowing them to modify their car to fit a bigger tank.  Still the sight of them trundling around pointless for the next few races will provide plenty of amusement...

F1: Australian GP Weather Forecast

Here's a new service from the BBC that should pump some additional (and much needed) excitement into a Grand Prix weekend: detailed weather forecasts based on the same data the teams are using to decide their strategy.

How will the Beeb's prediction of possible rain at the end of the race on Sunday liven up the early morning as we ponder how the teams will plan their strategy armed with this knowledge?

Personally I'd start on the hard tyre and aim to manage it until around ten laps from the end when either a single stop onto wets will suffice or a dry weather stop onto the super-soft for a banshee thrash to the finish...