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Showing posts from March 14, 2010

My Tracks For Android

This might just be a killer app for Android, certainly I know of no equivalent on the Windows Mobile platform. My Tracks records your journeys, runs, rides or any movement related activity and then allows you to upload to Google Maps and Docs.

So for example on my journey back from Manchester today I travelled 43.3 miles at an average of 47.7mph, was stationery for one minute and hit a max speed of 91.7mph.

I can see this being something of an addictive program to have running in the background during car journeys to give real feedback when travelling.

I'd like to see the next version of the application store the speed at each point of the journey so that you can click on the route at any point and discover just how quickly (or slowly) you were travelling, otherwise its a pretty perfect application which delivers exactly what it promises...

Palm Pre Price Drops, Still Not A Seller

O2 have slashed the price on the Palm Pre - reducing the overall cost of the cheapest Pre tariff by £99. Which is all well and good, especially as it now includes three EA games, however I don't see that as the sort of incentive that will tempt buyers from the iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile.

The Pre is in real trouble right now, its selection of applications is limited, its only available from one network and its competition is getting stronger by the day, with new Android phones arriving in April (the X10 range, Nexus and its HTC half-brothers); Apple due to announce the fourth generation iPhone this summer and Windows Phone 7 Series arriving this year. Palm has little to offer by comparison and its bet on WebOS seems to be failing - and badly. Once again the company has announced another quarter of losses and you have to wonder just how much cash they have left to burn through.

In order to survive Palm has two options as far as I can see: Android or Microsoft. The former should…

No Copy/Paste On WP7S

So here's a quick summary of what Microsoft have got planned for WP7S. No multitasking, no sideloading of software, no memory card slots, no UI customisation and now no clipboard functionality.

Someone at Redmond has seriously misunderstood the reason for the iPhone's success. It's not because its locked down, prescriptive and controlled that its been a success, its in spite of that.

It really does appear that Microsoft set out to slavishly copy the iPhone and didn't even have the nous to work out which bits were worth copying and which bits were best left out.

And irony of ironies, it looks like the next generation iPhone will be getting true multitasking. Which will probably be the final nail in Microsoft's mobile platform's coffin.

Lies, Damn Lies...

Want to see the gentle art of spin in action? Then have a look at the way sales figures of the iPhone, Droid and Nexus One are being portrayed on various pro-Android and pro-Apple sites.

The Droid has managed to outsell the original iPhone trumpets one side, the Nexus One has been a complete flop shouts the other.

Neither headline portrays the real story and for that you have to dig a bit deeper.

The original iPhone sold a million in 74 days and the Droid managed 50,000 more in the same period. Good,  but then the iPhone 3G hit the million mark in less than a week. It's all about the context. The iPhone was only available in the US for most of those 74 days, whilst the Droid was available in a few selected other countries too.  The 3G was available worldwide from day one.

The Nexus One figures hide the fact that its only available stateside, on a minor carrier and can only be bought online. In that context selling 135,000 units in 74 days looks pretty impressive,  especially as…

HD2 Update Finally Kyboshed

Microsoft finally killed all hopes of a HD2 WP7S update yesterday at MIX10 - using the incredibly feeble excuse that the current WM flagship device has too many buttons. 

I can understand why Microsoft wants to enforce some standards on its new platform, buy people buying the HD2 over the last few months have had several indications that an upgrade would be available and probably wouldn't have made an expensive commitment to the device knowing that this wasn't the case.

The only possible ray of hope for HD2 buyers is that HTC decide to release a compatible build (officially or otherwise) or something leaks through PDA-Developers...

It's not a good way of building customer loyalty for a platform under pressure and hopefully the backlash will be sufficient to force a rethink in Redmond...

F1: Season Starts With A Whimper

So there was little in the way of overtaking in Bahrain, not helped by Bridgestone's decision to bring tyres with an almost unlimited life.  If the super-soft tyres can last 20 laps in Sakhir's heat by the time they get to Belgium they'll be able to last the whole weekend with one set.

Big winner was of course Fernando Alonso - the sixth man to win on his Ferrari debut - but only after Sebastian Vettel's Red Bull threw a shoe (well, an exhaust technically).

Worryingly even Mclaren's trick stallable rear wing - which gave it a 6mph straight line advantage - wasn't enough to get Button past Schumacher, suggesting that we'll not be in for a classic season of balls to the wall racing...

Still Melbourne promises a different experience - hopefully.