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First Things To Do With Your Galaxy Tab

Did Santa pop a Samsung Galaxy Tab into your Xmas stocking? If so you'll need to do some things to ensure that you make the most of your new toy... I mean tool.1. Download Dolphin HD. The standard webkit based browser is pretty good and the tweaks that Samsung have implemented to improve bookmarks in particular are excellent. However Dolphin works just a little bit better on the big screen of the Tab. Swiping left for bookmarks and right for settings feels incredibly natural and after a little bit of aclimitisation using menus to perform these tasks feels a bit backward.

2. Set Swype as your default input method. A little bit of time invested in the drawing text input method is handsomely rewarded and as a result text input into the Tab is far quicker and easier than its larger rivals.

3. Turn off power saving mode for the screen display. This does its job, at the cost of a slight yellow tinge to the screen. However you're not going to be panicking about the battery life of this…

Christmas Greetings

To all the people who visit this blog, comment or just lurk I'd like to wish you the very best for Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Thanks for taking the time to read what I have to write and I promise to improve the posting frequency in the future.

Device Of The Year

I had my hands on an awful lot of tech over the course of 2010 so choosing the year's ultimate device will take some doing.

Most obvious candidate has to be the iPad. Yet despite launching a whole new industry the iPad was far from perfect. Its big glass screen and hefty battery make it a large, heavy device and its centre of gravity isn't ideal either. Watch someone use one for a while and you'll notice they're struggling. Add-in the absence of flash, a card slot or USB host and you can rule the iPad out of the running.

The other successful tablet of 2010 was Samsung's Galaxy Tab. This offers numerous advantages over the iPad at the cost of some screen real estate, however it Strikes me as a device waiting for Honeycomb and as a result doesn't come together as it should.

Windows Phone 7 made a splash this Autumn, the HTC HD7 was its flagship device, yet despite being very, very good at what it does their are large gaps in WP7 functionality which mean that the …

The Year In Review

2010 was a strange year in mobile tech. Some companies could do no wrong - even when they were doing wrong - whilst others couldn't catch a break.

For Apple it was a year to remember - it finally kick started the tablet market and also released its first all new iPhone since 2008. In the process it became the biggest company in the world by market cap. This despite the inherent design flaws in the iPhone which caused signal problems, cracked the glass rear casing and killed the white iPhone due to light transmission problems.

Google had a stellar year too. Android came from nowhere to become the smartphone leader outselling iOS devices by 2:1. It managed to ship its first Chrome OS laptop as well, clearly aiming to do the same job on Windows.

Samsung rode Google's coat tails to become the biggest player in the Smartphone market, shipping 10 million Android phones and 5 million running its Bada OS.

Microsoft started the year badly by knifing Windows Mobile in the back (and causi…

Tevez Proves A Good Test Of Football's Rulemakers

Carlos Tevez has proved to be a pretty good buy for Manchester City, however after what has been an interesting year the Argentinian is looking for a way out.

Ostensibly the reason is that he is missing his children, in Argentina with his estranged partner. There is also the suggestion that his relationship with Garry Cooke and Brian Marwood, City's management team has broken down.

What happens now is very interesting. City are well within their rights to expect to recoup all of the £25m they paid for Tevez - probably with a little profit on top. Nobody in Europe or Argentina is likely to meet that figure. Which leaves Tevez the option of retiring or being dismissed for beach of contract.

In a normal deal that would be the end of that, however City bought Tevez from his management not another club, so presumably will be in a strong position to start to recoup the lost value of his contract from the vendor.

Where will FIFA and UEFA stand on this I wonder? Given the slavery comments mad…

Tablets Aren't Quite There Yet

Well I've had less than a week with the Galaxy Tab and its been enough to convince me that despite the hype and frenzied buying, tablets aren't really ready for the market yet.

I pondered long and hard before choosing the Tab over the iPad. The Apple tablet clearly has more support from software developers and third party hardware developers too. However I believe its just too big and heavy for comfortable use in any environment. Watch iPad users and they soon adopt an unnatural posture as they seek to offset the weight of their chosen browsing tool.

The Tab doesn't suffer from this problem being significantly lighter and smaller than the iPad. Its as comfortable to hold as a paperback book and weighs about the same.

The payback is a much smaller screen - only 2" smaller when measured across the diagonal but this means half the viewing area of the iPad. However that is somewhat offset by the much better pixel density of the Samsung's screen.

Samsung have done a good j…

Keep Taking The Tablets

If you live in the world of television you'd think that the iPad was completely ubiquitous, witness the latest BT broadband advert that draws heavily on the Apple tablet to support its tagline about BT broadband and wireless options making you feel at home anywhere.

Its a clever ad which says something about the usage of tablets generally, and the iPad specifically, without even realising it. Tablets get used almost exclusively in the home our office. Of the seven million iPads sold this far I'm guessing most never go on any kind of journey. Which is fine if that's how you want your tablet to be used, but recent news suggests that this isn't the case for most people.

What news is this? Its Samsung reporting that they have already sold a million Galaxy Tabs and expect to sell half a million more by the end of the year. That's a faster sales achievement than the iPad - which had serious pent up demand thanks to Apple's hugely talented marketing machine. Even more i…

Why Google And Apple Need To Beware Of Zune

Since getting onto the Windows Phone 7 band wagon a couple of months ago I've been mostly impressed with the platform. Its still far from ready to take on the strengths of Android or Apple; and its lacking features that Symbian packs (although you'd be extremely foolish to choose the latter over WP7).

In terms of pretty much every important functional requirement my HD7 lags behind the Dell Streak. Data entry, multi tasking, screen size, route navigation, copy and paste, etc., etc.

So I'm more than a little surprised to report that that HD7 is the phone I most often grab on the way out of the door. Or even if I know that I need the functions of the Streak I'll find room to carry the HD7 too.

Part of the reason for that is the integration of Zune and my Zune pass. My HD7 is loaded with the music I want to listen to now. But if I want to listen to something whilst out I can get it without trouble our cost. Last night the children were asking for Christmas songs and I was wi…

Where Have I Been?

If it seems like a long time since I've posted anything here then you're very perceptive. Over the last couple of weeks I've been the victim of a viral infection which has had a major assault on my throat, stomach and latterly my kidneys. As a result I've been less than fit to comment on the things going on in the tech and sporting worlds... some would say that's no different to normal I suppose...

Anyway I should be back to fighting fitness in the next few days so expect normal service to be resumed shortly.