Is The Galaxy Tab Really Worth £600?

If you're a regular here then you're probably well aware of my views on tablets (if not I'll sum up by saying 'a tablet's utility is directly proportional to how often you have it with you, which is inversely proportional to its size'). So given the rather restricted market that this definition delimits I'm wondering just how optimistic the guys at Samsung were feeling when they set the price if the Galaxy Tab... £600+? You've got to be kidding me.

The Galaxy Tab sits strangely in the market place. Unlike the smaller Dell Streak its not going to fit in your pocket. Which means you're probably going to be carrying it in a case or a bag. Yet the iPad's bigger screen and much wider choice of tablet focused applications mean that its a far superior choice of device for leaving in your living room or toting to the coffee shop. As a result Samsung needed to be hitting a price below both its competitors to have a real chance of success. Instead they've stuck it so far out on a pricing limb its never going to be clawed back in again.

A premium price is only sustainable for a premium product and I'm not convinced that Samsung have completely hit the mark on that one... At £400 the Tab had a bright future ahead of it. At £600 I fear its going to be swamped by the competition, both existing and forthcoming, and that's a shame...


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