iPad Revisited: Does It Make Sense?

It's a couple of months since the iPad arrived on the scene and sales seem to have been pretty strong, although the launch of the iPhone shortly after the iPad started shipping has meant that sales haven't followed the stellar trajectory of other iOS devices...

The announcement of the new ipod touch is going to have an interesting affect on iPad sales too. The Touch is less than half the price, can be carried in your pocket and has access to a much larger selection of apps.

I spent some time today playing with an iPad specifically looking at the applications which have been tailored to run on it. They don't convince me that they would be enough to make me buy. In fact I get the feelings that most of those apps are only bought so that the iPad can be shown off by its proud owner. Once the novelty wears off you'll be unlikely to use them again. Which leaves you with a device that does most of what its smaller stable mate can do, but in a much less portable package.

Steve Jobs made a surprising admission at last week's ipod touch launch: 32% of the 200k iOS devices registered every day are ipods. That's around 64k. The iPhone 4 has been achieving 130k+... which means that there aren't a huge number of iPads reaching owners now that the initial surge has died down. Even at 10k iPads a day that's still over 3.5 million shipped in a year, but with the amounts that Apple has been spending marketing the iPad you'd have to expect Apple to be somewhat disappointed.

Expect iPad 2 sooner rather than later... with the features that the current model lacks, a smaller sibling and even more hyperbole...


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