Fragmentation: It's A Non-Issue For Now

As mobile device operating systems start to expand from smartphones to tablets and MIDs the shout of 'fragmentation' is getting repeated in wider circles around the web. I'm just not sure why...

Apple's iOS has three resolutions and three platforms to support, Android has five resolutions and four platforms. There's also four currently shipping releases of Android. Sounds like things could get messy for a new buyer right? Well not really no. The Market will only show users the software that will run on their Android handset and as a result a new user is never going to see things they can't use. I'd imagine the same to be true for the App store, if not now then very shortly.

What will be interesting will be how those new users react as they become more experienced or see other users with software they can't have... That two year contract will become very limiting very quickly for anyone in that particular boat.