Football: Cassano Rubs Lippi's Nose In It

Italy's World Cup was dismal, there's no other word for it. Worse still the whole of 2010 has been winless for the Azurri - unacceptable for the second-most successful footballing nation in the world.

Part of the reason for that lack of success surely results from Marcello Lippi's refusal to include Serie A's form player in his squads. Antonio Cassano has something of a reputation as an enfant-terrible but in the last couple of years he had been in stunning form at Sampdoria.

With Lippi stepping down from the coaching post of the national team the door was opened for 'Fantantonio' to make his return. The result? A world class performance, a goal and a victory which would never have happened without Cassano's guile.

Point very clearly made I think...


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