Apple A Little More Open Today

After spending what seems like a lifetime gradually making things more awkward for iPhone buyers Apple has budged just slightly towards more friendly ground, at least for the people who develop smartphone software.

First off its now possible to examine the criteria that Apple uses to decide whether a marketplace submission should be approved or not. So at least there should be no more surprises in store for developers who submit apps.

Secondly the rules on development are being loosened, just a short time after they were tightened up specifically to block development on Adobe's platform. Now developers can develop anywhere, so long as their completed application doesn't subsequently download code from elsewhere.

Which should be enough for Apple to maintain their control over the application marketplace whilst still satisfying the anti-trust investigation started some months ago by several US bodies.

I'm glad to see this positive move by Apple, whatever the compunction behind it, however I still think that iPhone owners should be free to buy there software from who they choose rather than being forced to go down the iTunes route.

At a time when app downloads have overtaken music downloads I suspect that this move won't be enough to forestall those investigations that probably prompted it in the first place.


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