Anycom FIPO Review

One of the most annoying things about not being part of the Apple iPhone 'crowd' is the way that third party OEMs concentrate on the iPhone for their accessories. Understandable really as there are probably more devices using the iPod dock connector than any other interface at the moment. Micro USB will probably overtake that sometime in the future but even then unless there's some common agreement about where that connector is located on the device OEMs aren't going to flock to it in the same way.

So what if you fancy a nice set of speakers or want to connect your non-Apple device into a car with only an iPod connection? Up until now you've been out of luck.

Enter Anycom with the FIPO, a small Bluetooth A2DP device with an iPod connector. Plug it into an iPod dock, pair with your phone and bingo!

It's sounds rather too easy but the truth is it really is that easy. Any device which powers the iPod should work with the FIPO and in my tests every iPod dock did indeed work. The only failure I've had so far has been with the iPod connection in a Mk 6 VW Golf and I suspect that's because it uses a multiconnector with different heads for different inputs.

What's the sound quality like? Actually its pretty good... not as good as a native iPod plugged into the dock but close enough for most people I'd guess. It's also remarkably small - about the size of two fifty pence pieces stacked upon each other, so you could conceivably carry it around and take over other people's iPod docks if you felt the need.

At £25 its very good value for money especially if you're moving from an iPhone and already have an investment in peripherals you'd like to continue using. The ultimate audiophile will probably not find the music quality acceptable but for the rest of us the FIPO turns out to be a bit of a breakthrough device....


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