Android Tablets Start Arriving

Android users who have been waiting patiently for a big screened tablet to compete with the iPad are about to get their reward, as legions of them are released by manufacturers as we get ready for the holiday buying season (the holiday formerly known as Christmas!)

Archos, Hanspree and Viewpad have already released details of their offerings, but starting with Samsung this week and Toshiba later in the month, the big guns will start arriving on the scene. Acer and LG will also be joining the party, if they haven't already by the time you read this...

A word of warning though. Once a device becomes too big to carry its utility is seriously compromised. Just about every one of my friends who has purchased the iPad has found that after the initial honeymoon period they've struggled to find a use for it and as a result they languish mostly unused in a darkened room somewhere...


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