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Android The Saviour For Sony-Ericsson

After a fairly disastrous run of financial results the last quarter was a pleasant surprise for SE bringing a small profit. Much of that has been a result of the success of the Xperia X10 Android range of phones.

How successful? Well it looks like SE are second only to HTC in terms of Android shipments, with 17% of the Android market. That's pretty remarkable from a standing start around six months ago when the first X10 started shipping.

SE have their eyes set on a bigger prize too, with the X8 entry level phone about to ship they've set themselves the target of being number one Android manufacturer. It's much more achievable than you would think, with SE currently holding 17% of the market against HTC's 23%.

They'll have to work harder on keeping their devices closer to the cutting edge though... all X10 phones ship on Android 1.6, with 2.1 due to arrive in the next couple of weeks... leaving them still behind the curve.

Does go some way to proving my supposition that most phone buyers don't really care about what version of Android is on the phone when they buy it, either because they're technical enough to know the upgrade path or not technical enough to know or care about OS revisions.