Sony PSP Ad Smacks Of Desperation

The PSP has had its backside kicked by all and sundry - after a bright start its been out-manouvered by the DS (who saw that coming at launch?) and latterly the iPhone.

This new ad - one of a stream on Sony's Youtube channel (and I'm guessing on air on the US) makes fun of the iPhone's gaming capabilities - suggesting that those games are junk.

Poor choice of target Sony, if there's one area where the iPhone is peerless its gaming. Sure nine in every ten games might be a waste of time/space/effort, but the remaining ten percent amounts to a treasure trove of mobile gaming quality and a benchmark for how gaming should be managed for the portable market.

Sony would have had a far more marketable proposition if it had dropped the ridiculous (in price, capability and concept) PSP-Go; purchased the popular PSX emulator and shipped the X10 with the multi-touch hardware that would have made those parts into a mobile gaming package. Re-licensing PSX games for digital delivery through an on-device store; and re-selling them in the £3.99-£9.99 range would have given them a huge catalogue and a device to compete with Apple on two fronts.

Instead we have a poorly conceived advert designed to drive sales to, what I imagine to be, a dying platform. A phone that mixes the sublime and the ridiculous; and a handheld gaming system that next to no-one wants. The rumoured Android/Playstation crossover device can't come soon enough for Sony...


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