Samsung Tablet To Arrive In September

Unlike many of the companies promising to bring an Android tablet to market in the next few months, Samsung has past history with these devices and as a result their arrival in the game should make people sit up and take notice...

Of course Samsung's UMPCs haven't been the roaring success that Apple's iPad has achieved, however those Q1 and its variant devices were all class leading UMPCs and delivered more of what the concept promised than any other device to ship.

Of course much of what Samsung can achieve is going to be related to which version of Android the device ships with: Froyo or Gingerbread. With the former Samsung will have to cook higher-resolution screen support into their own ROM. With the latter Samsung will be so far ahead of the game that Google's traditional Android partners (HTC and Motorola) will surely be unimpressed.

Still its a device that I'm looking forward to, having found my Q1 Ultra to be an incredibly successful device with some very clever design decisions. Hopefully the new Android tablet will be similarly successful.
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