Paul Allen Sues World, Might Change It In The Process

Paul Allen, Microsoft founder, billionaire and technology dabbler also owned a company called Interval Research which registered several hundred patents over the course of it lifetime. Now the company is going after some of the biggest technology names around, including Apple, Google and Facebook, claiming that they have infringed some of those patents as a part of their operations.

I've not had a chance to read through the details of most of the patents, however Engadget is reporting that one explicitly covers suggestions based on the content of the web page... which sounds like very bad news for Google's adsense and placed search advertising if its deemed to be a valid patent. If the other parts of this suit are as mind-blowing as this one we could be looking at a long-term re-shuffle in the way the tech world operates.

Interestingly Microsoft is about the only technology giant not included in the suit... I guess Allen's large shareholding might just have insulated them from this particulate round of the litigation...

Nonetheless, with less than a third of the company's patents being involved in this suit there seems to be plenty of scope for Interval and Paul Allen to cause more mayhem in The future.

Given the lengthy delays before these sorts of battles come to court there's going to be a large amount of uncertainty closing some technology companies for the foreseeable future...
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