OQO Back From The Grave

Engadget is reporting that Audiotone, the Chinese OEM who manufactured the UMPC for OQO have merged with the failed company and will begin manufacture of a revised model 02 for the Chinese market shortly.

The new 03 will sport Windows 7, an Atom Z processor as well as 3G built in in and SSDs from 32GB to 128GB. Memory will top out at 2GB and the processors will run 1.2GHz to 2GHz which should result in pretty good performance in Windows 7.

Pricing seems a little on the high side, with the base model looking like a £1500 investment if it arrives in the UK. That won't matter to the high users that have always lapped up the little machines that can, but given the arrival of the iPad, Android and Windows 7 tablets its hard to see there being enough buyers at that sort of pricing to make the company viable again.


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