LG Tablet 'Better Than The iPad'

Be honest did you even know that LG were working on an Android tablet? Well an interview by their VP of marketing has certainly changed that, with his comments that it would be better than the iPad being widely reported across the web yesterday.

Now I know the guy's job is to get the tablet into the public consciousness (something that's been admirably achieved) but he's making promises that LG just aren't going to be able to keep.

Sure the hardware could probably blow the iPad out of the water and ultimately prove a more usable tool but hardware is only half the story. Whereas Apple launched with a large number of apps written specifically for the large screen low resolution (relatively anyway) iPad as yet Android's development army hasn't come up with anything to be a poster child for a large screen tablet device.

Dell has done a really good job of making its home screen deliver a tablet widget experience, however non-Dell apps don't yet handle the better real estate of the Streak very well. For a 7-10" tablet that's just going to end up being a problem.

If Google and its partners are serious about competing in the tablet marketplace they need to start working with developers now to ensure that appropriate apps are available from day one.

If you're going to compete with Apple you really need to deliver an Apple matching user experience right across the board, hardware, software and integration. Because no matter what people tell you this is where Apple stands head and shoulders above its competition.
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