F1: Ferrari Give Lauda Both Barrels

The furore around Ferrari's switcharound at last month's German Grand Prix continues to run unabated, with current rent-a-prat Niki Lauda laying siege to the team in the Austrian media. Ferrari's response was forthright and admirable in its message.

The official Ferrari Horse Whisperer blog pointed out that the Austrian triple world champion had 'missed out on a fine opportunity to keep his mouth shut' and accused him of hypocrisy.

Well said that man.

Everyone in F1 knows how the game is played and the outrage looks ridiculous on the lips of Lauda and people like Red Bull boss Christian Horner who delivered an identical 'your team mate is faster' message to his drivers in Turkey even though both remain heavily involved in the championship - a far greater crime (if we're to call it a crime) in my eyes. All the more ridiculous because his drivers collided when trying to swap positions costing them the race. So if Ferrari are to be punished then Red Bull should get the same with an added helping for being too bleeding incompetent to choreograph the move properly.

As for Lauda, great driver that he was in his day, as the manager of his airline and Jaguar's racing team he has more than exposed his own incompetence. I have little, if any, respect left for his opinions.

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