Average Speed Cameras Edge Closer To Urban Deployment

You've seen them on the UK's motorway network policing speed limits through roadworks, you've probably even laughed at the fools who go through them as if they were the old style GATSO cameras. Well now they're almost certain to arrive on London's roads after TfL started the procurement process for a trial network.

This very much signals the beginning of the end for speeding in the UK, as these cameras become the norm drivers speed can be checked between any two points of a journey or across the whole journey and infractions punished automatically.

It may take time and be balanced against cost but I have no doubt that it will happen nationally and with it will come the end for the performance car. What will be the point of a snorting motor when the first time you extend it you end up in the slammer? Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and all: that's the sound of the fat lady warming her tonsils up... time gentlemen, please.


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