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Are you sure you need that tablet?

Several million iPads down the line and the world and his wife are rushing to get their tablet to the masses. Yet this week I've seen more compelling evidence that the iPad doesn't fit with most of its buyers needs. Not once they get beyond the showing off phase anyway.

This week I heard of two more stories of people who bought the iPad, loved and raved about it initially and have then found that it doesn't actually add anything to their lives so no longer use it anymore and, in one case, are now looking to sell it on.

That's pretty much everyone I know with an iPad in the same boat. Why? I think the size is wrong and as a result it doesn't fit with what people need. I suspect the same will be true of the rumoured 7" version too. If you've got to carry something that size it might as well be a netbook which has much more functionality whatever Apple would have you believe.

There is a market for bigger tablet devices for consumers but its much smaller than the iPad's success thus far would have you believe. How many people do you know that will spend several hundred pounds for a device that they'll leave lying around a house purely for the times when they need to grab a web page quicker than a netbook can restart from standby (5-10 seconds say). How many of those will already have a smartphone that fulfills that purpose?

How many people out there need to sit in Starbucks using their iPads in the hope that people will notice and think higher of them? And why will they all be sitting on their own?

Not half as many as some people think...