WorldCup: Total Football v The Netherlands

The Dutch are back in their first World Cup final for 32 years, the difference this time is that whereas we were in awe of the breathtaking brilliance of their total football, now most right right-thinking commentators are appalled at the thuggery employed by the Dutch central midfield of de Jong and (especially) Marc Van Bommel. Its beyond belief that Van Bommel hasn't picked up a red card in the tournament, his performances against the Brazilians and Uruguay warranted two in each game. The Dutch may have won every game on the way to the final but they've lost many friends along the way.

Spain on the other hand have been pretty dreadful - right up to the point where they met Germany in the semi-final. They even managed to lose their opening game to the Swiss. With the team that the Spanish can field they should have enough to dismantle the Dutch defence. As both the Portuguese and Paraguayans found out, it isn't possible to defend against the Spanish for a full 90 minutes and given the incredibly high standard Portugal set I suspect Spain will get a goal against the Dutch.

So who is going to get their name on the trophy this time around? I've got a sneaking suspicion that Spain will win it. Germany's clairvoyant octopus agrees with me and that's got a 100% record in this tournament...


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