WorldCup: Spain Overcome Disgraceful Dutch

Outside of Holland there can be few who are disappointed with the result of yesterday's World Cup final, the game itself was a different matter though and I can't believe that the Dutch manager and some of his team have the audacity to complain about the performance of referee Howard Webb and his two assistants. If he had a failing at all it was in his incredibly lenient approach to the outright thuggery displayed by certain members of the Dutch team.

Looking at the positives though, the Spanish played some beautiful football and the touch and vision of players like Iniesta, Xavi and, well pretty much the rest of the side; was a joy to behold. At times Iniesta seemed to have the ball attached to his toes and the Dutch couldn't get near it. That he scored the winning goal was appropriate reward for a superb performance. In fact the answers to the problems of the English game probably lie in making this game compulsory regular viewing for young players and their coaches.

Can't finish without touching on the appalling way that the Dutch team set about this game though. Van Bommel and De Jong should have been dismissed before half-time and others could and should have followed. Rather than criticising Howard Webb for his performance they should be grateful that he didn't send a stream of men in orange back down the tunnel and end up allowing them to cover themselves in even more shame.

If it has one positive outcome for Holland it can only be that the realisation that winning at all costs is no better than criticising not winning at all...

Nevertheless, the best team won, football won over anti-football and all is right in the world, at least until the tournament post-mortem starts.


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