World Cup: A Day To Remember

Today was the first day of the quarter-finals and featured many people's favourites, Brazil. Anyone watching the first half of their game against Holland would have expected them to romp home comfortably. Unfortunately when you fail to turn that pressure into a substantial lead and in the second half the Dutch came right back at them and turned the game on its head to win 2-1. That the Dutch are the best side to never win the World Cup is a matter of record, can they turn that around and become the first European side to win the title outside of Europe...

They'll have to do it without influential midfielder Nigel de Jong, suspended after getting a second yellow card today.

Their opponents will be Uruguay who conquered Ghana in a monumental muscle which had just about everything including a last-minute penalty in extra time that could have put Ghana into the semi-final.

Uruguay will be outsiders for the remainder of the tournament, the only qualified through the play offs, but if they're are to go any further it will mean overcoming the Dutch without Suarez, sent off in that final minute penalty drama. As he'd been there best player and has everything necessary to scare the Dutch his absence makes the Uruguayan chances of progressing somewhat more remote.

What a day and tomorrow brings Germany against Argentina...


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