Will Apple Build An iPod Touch Maxi?

Apple has started to target searches for the Dell Streak on Google with iPad links appearing in paid results. That's an interesting strategy, are Apple trying to pre-empt an explosion in the Android tablet market by negatively impacting sales of the first such device?

After a few days with the Streak there are good reasons for Apple to sit up and take notice. Despite having a some niggles the Streak manages to hit a sweet spot in terms of size and usability - small enough to pocket and thumb type on, large enough to be a step up from smartphone in usability and viewability.

I suspect Apple will be gauging Dell's success with the Streak while it ponders a 5" device of its own.

iPod Touch Maxi or iPad Mini I'm not sure which approach to marketing works best but a smaller more portable iPad just has to be a business winner, doesn't it?


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