Toshiba TV Deal Causes Spanish Backlash

Here in England Toshiba ran a pretty amazing campaign before the World Cup: buy a TV and if England won the World Cup you'd get your money back. Pretty low risk advertising strategy you'd think.

Apparently not, for they also ran the promotion in Germany, Portugal, Italy and... Spain.

Suddenly not feeling so clever, eh Toshiba?

Not so fast though, Toshiba is limiting the offer to those televisions bought before the World Cup - they had to be registered by June 17th to qualify, something that was hidden away in the small print on the offer website rather than in the advertising itself. Result? Plenty of upset Spaniards expecting to get a free TV...

Reminds me very much of Hoover's comically badly thought out free flights offer, an error which caused the company no small amount of pain. Toshiba are probably in for plenty of that from their Spanish customers...


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