One Device To Rule Them All

If you're a heavy technology adopter like myself you probably have a couple of smartphones, a netbook, a laptop, an MP3 player and maybe even a tablet of some sort. Given a particular task or job to complete and equitable access to each there's probably a moment when you have to decide which is the most appropriate device to use.

I think Dell has found the sweet spot with the Streak, its the one device that can be your single choice for pretty much any situation. Which is why I think Apple will be launching a 5" screened iPad/iPod Touch as soon as it can.

Irrespective of whether the Streak is a good or bad device the niche it occupies is right where you want your ultimate choice to be. Small enough to have with you all the time, big enough to use. The difference in capability when compared with even a 4" smartphone has to be experienced its not something that can be related easily. Of course its pretty big to use as a phone, but not significantly more so than current smartphones, if you're happy holding an iPhone to your head the difference to a Streak is negligible.

Its small for a tablet but then as your average iPad or UMPC spends its life miles away from its owner the Streak form factor is a winner here more often than not. Even in the home the iPad will often be rooms away just when you want it - notice the number of solutions appearing for mounting or docking the iPad. That never becomes an issue with a 5" device, its always in your pocket just when you need it.

The Streak does a great job of browsing, document viewing and creation and I've no reason to believe that a similar device from Apple wouldn't be just as impressive whilst leveraging the iPhone/iPad software catalogues at least as well as the iPad. As an eBook reader it far and away trumps the iPad just because you can hold it for extended reading sessions without your arm dropping off. Even typing into the Streak bests the iPad, which either needs to be on a flat surface or resting on your lap to type two fingered.

It will be interesting to see how Apple markets its 5" device - as a large iPod (with a 960×640 display and tied to iPhone apps) or as an iPad (with a 1024×768 display and iPad app compatibility) and whether it will allow the device 3G and voice capabilities. I do believe though that Apple will have to launch such a device based on the buzz that Dell has created. After all when was the last time you saw customers clamouring to pre-order any other Dell product?


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