Microsoft Ramping Up Windows Phone 7 Rather Pointlessly

Its looking ever more likely that Microsoft and their partners will start to ship WP7 devices this Autumn and Microsoft are feeling pretty good about that. Various members of their senior management have been slipping 'facts' about the new OS and its features and there are several Microsoft twitter accounts pushing the same. Even Steve Balmer has had his say, claiming that Microsoft missed a generation with WP6.5.

Only problem is they had a strong platform and rather than pushing forward with their own agenda they started to attempt to cover Apple's moves with the iPhone - a losing strategy. With WP7 they're throwing out all the good things about Windows Mobile, all the strengths that it had (particularly in Enterprise) and have pretty much aped the iPhone completely. The number of missing functions is revealing of where Microsoft are going with this OS - and it isn't a good place.

No wonder then, that Windows Mobile fans are jumping ship. After all why go for a pale imitation of the iPhone, when the iPhone has a far stronger ecosystem; and why give up control and choice when Android phones fill that gap completely.

Windows Phone 7 is going to need a huge marketing and support commitment from Microsoft if its to avoid the fate of its short-lived partner Kin, which Microsoft took outside and shot within weeks of launch,,,,


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