Football: New Season, New Protection Please

After a difficult World Cup its time to start gearing up for the new domestic season and hope for some changes being wrought in the wake of the injustices which played out through this summer's tournament.

The English game has been plagued with a shocking lack of support for flair players. Teams that play with skill and style find themselves the target of the roughhouse pressing game employed by some of the more workmanlike clubs enjoying a stay in the top division. The net result is that those players who we all pay to see end up getting kicked out of games and often onto the treatment table.

Its no surprise that Arsenal, traditionally the English team who play the most attractive football have suffered the most, with players suffering horrendous injuries far to often to be coincidence. Victims of the English 'they don't like it up them' attitude which seems to have transcended Dad's Army and entered the national psyche.

Its not just Arsenal who suffer though, is it any wonder that a player of Robinho's obvious talent had no taste for getting lumps kicked out of him on a grim night at Blackburn or Birmingham?

Of course if the FA and referees were taking proper action we'd see a lot less of this nonsense but when you look at what the Dutch got away with at the highest level this summer the prospects of this happening are remote to say the least. We can but hope that some strong decisions early in the season send a message to those players who have no business in the modern game.


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