F1: Yamamoto For Senna, HRT Money Troubles Must Be Bad

Bruno Senna hasn't exactly set F1 alight this season but given the circumstances he's been doing a good job for HRT. So finding himself a spectator at Silverstone this weekend probably wasn't part of his plans. Such is the case though as his drive has been handed to Japanese no-hoper Sakon Yamamoto - a move that suggests that HRT are struggling for cash.

Its not unheard of and its disappointing when a driver with real talent has to make way for one with real funds but this season there's a bigger picture to consider. The speed differential between the front and the back of the grid is so great that putting a slow driver into a slow car could have disastrous consequences.

Mark Webber's Valencia accident should be all the warning that's required. Kovaleinen braked 80m earler than the Australian, causing an impact that flipped the Red Bull into a 190mph somersault. The results of that accident could have been tragically different if it had occurred in the vicinity of one of the bridges that cross the circuit or the car had landed upside down on the wall at the side of the track, both incidents have had fatal precedents in other formulae.

Time for the drivers and FIA to agree some more stringent criteria for driver selection, otherwise the teams will continue to solve their money worries by compromising driver safety and that's not acceptable..


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