Dell Streak Battery - A New Smartphone High?

I've had the Streak for about a week now and thus far I'm pretty impressed. There's one area where I'm more impressed than anywhere else and that's the battery performance. The Streak packs quite a punch in the battery life stakes. You may remember the last Smartphone that I had which lead me to comment on battery life (here) when my then month old iPhone 3G was able to run 12 hours plus and have about a third of its battery remaining (according to Apple's own battery meter, we have of course subsequently found out that Apple aren't good at displaying accurate readings in this sort of thing but that's another story). Well check out the image below.

Yes that does say seventeen hours and 38 mins with 48% battery remaining - equating to about a 35 hour run time per charge. And that pretty much matches what I've found with the first few charges, if I take the Dell off charge in the morning it isn't going to need to go back again until late the following evening.

For someone who has become used to smartphones requiring a charge at least every night that's a refreshing improvement.

You'd suspect that Dell has achieved this by slapping a giant battery into the Streak but you'd be wrong. In fact the Streak's battery - at 1560mAh is only marginally bigger than the battery in the Xperia, Desire and iPhone 4. More likely the larger surface area of the Streak has allowed improvements in component placement and size to optimise power consumption.

Altogether a good effort by Dell one of many reasons why I'm so pleased with the Streak thus far...


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