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Cruyff Shows Class, Current Dutch Team Exposes Their Lack Of It

"They were playing anti-football"

"Regrettably, sadly, they played very dirty. So much so that they should have been down to nine immediately, then they made two ugly and hard tackles that even I felt the damage"

Johann Cruyff's criticism of the 'football' played by the Dutch team and his disappointment that Howard Webb didn't dismiss two of his countrymen in the first-half says much about the man, whose love of the game transcends national boundaries. I suspect that had the Dutch won last night, the price of that victory would have been too much to stomach for Cruyff.

For his modern day counterparts however there has been a constant stream of whining - blaming everyone but themselves for the defeat. The ever more frenzied attacks on Howard Webb defy belief, errors in his refereeing were so weighted in the Dutch team's favour. Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder and Robin Van Persie are just three of the Dutch team running their mouths off. A whinging bunch of bad losers who don't have the honesty or self-respect to come out and say 'we didn't think we could compete with the Spanish so we decided to see if we could win the trophy with violence and gamesmanship'.

In fact Van Persie was one of four Dutch players who should have been dismissed before half-time. Given that he plays his club football at Arsenal, a team given to complaining about rough treatment in the Premier League; he should be the first to have shown some contrition.

I suspect that this winter, on a miserable weekend somewhere up north, when someone like Ryan Shawcross is kicking seven bells out of him, Van Persie will have cause to regret his words. If the referee that day were to be Howard Webb the irony would be delicious...