Apple Lies Through Its Teeth

So Apple is excusing its iPhone 4 antenna problems by claiming that other phones are also affected by the problem. Which is a blatant lie and Apple know it.

There are two ways that signal from a cellphone can be affected by the human body. Absorbtion, which every phone suffers from to a greater or lesser extent. The reason for this is that the human body is basically a big bag of water - something that is very good at blocking a radio signal. Therefore if you shroud any phone with parts of your body signal will be affected.

However there's a second affect called de-tuning and can be achieved by physically touching the antenna surface. As there are no other phones with exposed antennae I can pretty much guarantee that no other phone will exhibit this problem. Simple test: put the tip of one finger anywhere on a competing phone. Now try it on an iPhone 4 in the bottom left corner where the antennae meet. Only one phone can show signal degradation. Why? Because contact with the antenna surface changes the resonant frequency of the antenna causing a frequency mismatch and knock on affects to the amplifier. The net result will be greater power consumption to maintain signal or, when the signal is already weak and the amplifier running at full chat, a loss of signal. Those iPhone users who tell you they don't have a problem are just not seeing the problem they expect - the signal stays the same but power consumption is going through the roof...

Why does this mean that Apple are lying? Its because of their proferred solution: the bumper case, which can have no positive affect on absorbtion at all and can only affect de-tuning issues.

Apple knew they had shipped a faulty phone and now they know that they've made claims about other phones that just don't stand up. Pretty shabby really...


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