Antenna-gate Still Raging

Having taken a reasonable stance on fixing antenna problems for its customers (albeit a clink one) you'd think that Apple would want to let the whole issue die down and get on with sorting out the problems properly before the white version ships sometime later this year, wouldn't you?

Apparently not though, as they've been pumping out more evidence of other phones suffering from attenuation issues. Now as I've said before this is just FUD being spread to try and muddy the waters and by making these accusations Apple is guilty of duplicity on a corporate level. And in taking this aggressive stance Apple is provoking its competitors to respond, both through corporate statements and advertising pitches which attack the iPhone.

Witness Samsung's three pronged attack this week, first a corporate statement refuting Apple's attack on the Omnia; then a press advert in several newspapers making fun of the iPhone's reception issues; and finally the clever use of Twitter to find 'influencers' complaining about their new iPhones and offering them a free Galaxy S.

Apple needs to find a way of apologizing to its customers, admitting that it screwed the pooch on the antenna design and finding a fix which doesn't involve wrapping your elegant new iPhone in a condom. Trying to avoid the controversy by attacking other manufacturers just isn't working as a strategy and makes Apple look like a petulant schoolboy caught with his hand in the biscuit barrel.


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