Android Buyers Like Freebies

Android buyers don't go for paying for software apparently, or at least that's the conclusion of a story on a sales report on

Across the board 25% of software downloaded is free, whereas that figure rises to 57% for Android. Which sounds awfully low on both counts, I'd actually suggest that those figures should be more like 90% and 98% respectively.

Why do Android's buyers go for freebies more than other platforms. I'd guess its for a couple of reasons - the unavailability of paying apps in a number of geographic areas and the enthusiast led nature of the store: there are just so many quality apps which are either completely free or ad supported... there hasn't been the big software company charge into the market that there has been on the iTunes store for example.

I wonder if the arrival of iAds will change that, as software developers see the ongoing revenue potential of advertising funded software against the return from one time purchase fees. Much will depend on how good a job Google and Apple do of making the returns large enough to keep those developers interested in the long term...


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