Review: SPB TV For Windows Mobile

Its not often that something gets cheaper and better at the same time, but this is what SPB have achieved with the new version of their IP TV viewer.

Having tried an earlier version of the software some time ago and found it to be worthy if in need of more work to be value for money I was not surprised to see that a new version of the program announced last week - after all SPB have a good reputation for continually improving their products, Mobile Shell being a good example.

I was surprised to see that TV was going to be a free application though and pleasantly surprised to see the way that this has been achieved.

Opening the program presents a horizontal line of channels which can be dragged left or right with the chosen channel's details being displayed in a window above. A quick tap and the channel starts to buffer. Here's where the payoff for the applications begins... Whilst the channel is buffering an advert is displayed. If you want advertising in an application this is how to do it, its not intrusive at all whilst still guaranteeing the eyeball time that advertisers crave.

Once loaded the channel plays fullscreen, automatically rotating to the best aspect ratio. A tap on the screen brings up a menu that offers options to change channels, re-buffer, adjust volume or brightness and return to the main screen. The channel changing option is particularly nicely implemented with a 'picture in picture' style selector.

What about channel choice? Well there's plenty of choice and something for pretty much everybody, especially if you're multilingual. For a selection of worldwide news channels it can't be faulted.

All in all an exemplary Windows Mobile application and another hit from SPB, go get it...


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