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Is This The End Of Mobile Data As We Know It?

O2's announcement of the end of its unlimited data tariff for smartphones isn't the significant change that many users are painting it as - in fact its impact will be limited.

It's implications are rather more interesting though. O2 were the only company offering completely uncapped data plans on its mobile network. Even T-Mobile, whose Web n Walk tariff practically invented the concept specify a 3GB cap for its internet browsers. Orange and Vodafone have always been more restrictive about the amount of 'free' data that their tariffs include. All that has happened has been a realignment to bring O2 down to the 500MB limit to match its main rivals. 500MB is unlikely to effect many O2, customers with the company claiming 97% use less data than this at the moment. All the same its worth keeping it in mind.

T-Mobile, being T-Mobile (for a little while longer anyway) offer its customers a better deal - 3GB fair use policy with bandwidth throttling above that limit.

So if you're looking for the next iPhone just remember to check your data usage before signing up for a new contract... a switch of networks might save you a bit of money somewhere down the line...