iPhone Antenna Issues

One of the things you can be sure I tested on the iPhone 4 was the antenna issue - I was pretty sure that it was real anyway as there have been reports from some reputable sources and Apple has acknowledged that there is an issue.

As a right handed person I tend to hold my phone in my left hand when using it, especially when talking. Sure enough when holding it normally I saw the signal drop away from three bars to two. A colleague who tried it also saw the same issue. Now that's not going to be a problem in areas of strong service, but where the signal is weak its going to be a different matter.

Those worried by this issue should be aware that signal meters on phones aren't exactly the most accurate things anyway and those bars dropping away may not be a real problem. In fact the suggestion that Apple has a software fix coming would indicate that they'll change the way the signal strength is displayed to stop this happening.

The more important question is whether the signal really does drop and does it impact on the phones performance. That will have to wait for the large user base to start reporting back on their experiences. My guess is that it does and it will but as most users will be putting their phone in some kind of case it will eventually become something of a non-issue and Apple will quietly revise the external antenna before dropping it altogether the next time they reshape the phone.


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