iPhone 4 First Impressions

Spent some time with the iPhone 4 this morning and I have to say that I've been left seriously underwhelmed. Now whilst you might not find that surprising, I was disappointed as I really thought that this was the phone that might tempt me back into the Apple fold.

The screen is good, but its not exactly amazing unless you're coming from the old iPhone in which case its a quantum leap forward. Coming from the Xperia its improvement in resolution and color presentation is less amazing, I'd say that the iPhone's screen is 10% better than the Xperia, 5% ahead of the Desire and nip and tuck with the Galaxy S.

Other than that and the nicer industrial design there's not a lot there that's new, unless you've been using an older iPhone for the last few years.

It is clear that Apple have corrected many of the flaws which made the earlier iPhone's untouchable for many people and, more importantly, caught up with Android on many fronts.

I can't wait for Google's response...


murrayalex said…
Camera is really good Ian, best of any smartphone I've used. Screen is very nice too, it's also faster. Mainly I like the iPhone because of the apps. Does my needs very well...

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