iPhone 4 Arrives, Much As Predicted

So Apple went ahead and launched pretty much everything that had been predicted for its new iPhone, even if the name seemed a little... obvious.

It's a nice looking device, but once again Apple has launched stuff that it is claiming to be innovative when in reality others have been doing them for ages.

Front facing camera and video calling? That's at least four years old on smartphones, starting with the HTC Universal. Maybe America has lacked video calling but the rest of the world? We've been there and done that thank you very much.

How about that Retinal Display, with its above 300dpi resolution that makes things look sharper and smoother on-screen? Step forward the Xperia X1, sporting 311dpi nearly 18 months ago.

On device video editing; 720p video?

To be fair Apple are the first to put everything in one device but realistically its not the quantum leap forward that Apple are portraying it as. Sure its light years ahead of the3GS, but compared to the competition not so much.

However its clear that Apple has made the iPhone a much more competitive platform and if you can live with Apple's controls its a purchase that can be made without regrets.

I can't wait to see HTC's response...


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