HTC Issues Cease & Desist To Shipped-Roms

Not sure how much of this is HTC driven and how much is Microsoft, however shipped-roms, a site holding a collection of flashable images for HTC phones going way back into history, has been issued a takedown notice by HTC.

Given how much of HTC's growth has been as a direct result of the hacking community gradually shipping away at shortcomings in original device ROM that's disappointing. Especially as I'm sure plenty of those modifications have 'inspired' later changes to the factory output.

Ultimately the fact that at least some of the ROMs contain Microsoft Windows Mobile code meant that an effort like this was always doomed, its a shame to see the develop community that did much of the work in pushing smartphones forward so shabby treated.

For now the only saving grace is that xda-developers, the daddy of hacking sites for smartphones has escaped any similar action...


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