Dell Streak Barely A Tablet

Dell's Streak went on sale at O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores yesterday to an overwhelmingly positive reception.

All very well, but as tablets go its a pretty underwhelming device, packing a fairly standard Android 1.6 smartphone into an oversized frame with a 5" screen.

In fact I can't see any reason for choosing the Streak over the Xperia X10, which at the cost of 1" of screen diagonal trades you a more pocketable device with a far superior camera and a higher screen resolution. What's the point of having a bigger screen if you're going to put fewer pixels on it?

As it stands I think the Streak is a poor choice for most users and, if truth be told, the choice were between this and an iPad I'd not be bothering with a tablet at all. Let's hope the next wave of Android tablets are a little better thought out...