Battery Life v Performance

Battery life is something that pretty much every smartphone user worries about - lasting a full day on a charge of moderate usage isn't a given for most of today's powerhouses. Just how much things have changed was brought home to me this week by being out of the office.

My work-supplied phone is the Palm Treo Pro - its a phone I've always liked pairing a decent keyboard with a touchscreen and most of the features that most business people need - push email, a decent browser and good phone performance.

I don't recall battery life being a particularly key factor in the decision to purchase Treo Pros, however having put it through its paces over the last few days I have to say I'm surprised - three days of light to moderate usage easily achieved on one charge. That's something I could only dream of with my Xperia.

Of course the trade-off is performance - the Treo runs a slow (but actually more than adequate) CPU, less memory, a screen half the size and less than half the resolution of the Xperia.

Would I trade the X10's features for more battery life? No I certainly would not. However with the Snapdragon processor ramping up for even higher speeds and the rumours of Android phones shipping with dual-core processors; I suspect we will soon reach the day when a smartphone will be something that you have to charge halfway through the day to keep it alive...