Times They Are A Changing

Not so long ago when you were sat in a business meeting you could guarantee what communications devices were being packed by the attendees: Blackberry in the main, with a few Nokia Symbian devices and a smaller proportion of Windows Mobile.

So the meeting I attended yesterday, made up of representatives of private and public organizations was interesting for two reasons. Firstly as an indication that RIM is losing market share hand over fist - less than 50% of the attendees had one, compared to around 85% historically. Secondly as an indication that Microsoft and Nokia have failed, not one attendee had a Windows Mobile or Symbian phone. In what was an exclusively corporate environment that makes bad reading for all three companies, especially if (as I suspect) this is happening in meeting rooms up and down the country.

No surprise as to who has taken up that slack: iPhones and Android made up the other 50% of devices in equal proportions, although notably all the Android phones were either Desires or X10s, both relatively new on the market and a sign that Google is making huge strides forward, in the UK at least.


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