Space Flight Going cheap

Virgin Galactic haven't even got a flight off the ground yet and they're bring undercut by a newcomer to the space race.

That's right the entry level for sub orbital space travel has dropped to just £60k (give or take) with US firm Space Adventures - or about half what Virgin are planning on charging.

Now I admit that isn't especially cheap, but weighed up against the price of a first class flight to the Antipodes that is starting to sound like good value.

Of course Virgin have a pretty big headstart in this consumer space race so you may have to wait a bit longer for your bargain Space Adventure, all the same I can see plenty of well heeled (and let's be honest, single) geeks looking at those prices and thinking I can do that... with a bit of careful money management and hard work. Getting on an early flight might prove rather more difficult than you would imagine....