Shocking Failure Of Track Safety

Those of us who remember the tragic events that led to the death of Roger Williamson will view this video in complete horror. That a circuit could host an FIA sanctioned event with such shockingly poor fire fighting equipment and apparently untrained fire fighters in the modern age is outrageous and scenes like this should have disappeared with the Seventies.

Brno, in the Czech Republic, should have its circuit license revoked until such time as they can prove that the safety of the circuit matches the standards of the 21st Century. The driver, Giorgio Bartocci, survived despite suffering 40% second degree burns, broken ribs and a broken leg; no thanks to the safety crew who stood around and watched as his team mates extracted him from the burning car.

The integrity of the Lamborghini Gallardo which forms the basis of the Super Trofeo racer has to be questioned as well, this was a heavy impact but sufficient to result in the complete structural failure of the car, its seat belt mountings and catastrophic failure of the fuel cell? I'm not so sure...


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