One In Five UK Smartphones Android Powered

No wonder Steve Jobs is getting his underwear in a twist over Android. Hot on the heels of the news that Google powered phones have overtaken the iPhone for mobile web traffic in the US comes further evidence that the smartphone market is changing remarkably quickly. Android powered phones tripled their market share in the UK between March and April and now account for twenty per cent of the smartphone market here.

I can think of two reasons for that remarkable sales boost: the arrival of the brilliant Desire and the broadening of the Android range to encompass an entry level at a far lower price than before.

Of course there's no breakdown of where the additional sales come from so no picture of whether this is a result of Android buyers picking high end phones (and there are now a few to choose from) over alternatives from Apple, Microsoft and RIM; or just a growth in the market driven by more low end phones being sold with Android... I suspect its mostly the former myself.


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