Microsoft Kills Courier, HP Downs Slate

The future of that beautiful Courier concept that Microsoft has teased us with for the last few months looks none too rosy after the company officially put the kybosh on its best looking product ever. I'm not sure why, as its pretty much an update of OneNote running on dedicated hardware with browser and a few media viewers thrown into the mix...

In a similar vein there are strong rumours that HP is not going to release the Slate after all. The much anticipated Windows 7 tablet device, which runs pretty standard netbook hardware, looks like it could be a casualty of HP's purchase of Palm - perhaps a WebOS version will eventually appear. Again I'm not sure what the motivation behind this is, there's a clear demand for the Slate and unless HP is expecting to ship these out at a loss there seems no reason not to get them into the hands of a waiting public...


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