DoJ Widens Apple Investigation

Recent news that the DoJ is investigating Apple's iTunes Music Store, its business practices and dealings with content providers won't have surprised many in the industry.

Now that the investigation is being widened to include other as yet unspecified areas of Apple's iPad and iPhone business I suspect that the game is up for Mr. Jobs.

I can see that the handling of the Adobe conflict and the un-necessarily brutal attacks on Palm will put the company in an indefensible position once the full investigation has been completed.

Net result? Third party software stores on Apple's devices, iTunes sync with third party hardware and developers free to develop and cross port however they like...

I have no doubts that Apple will drag this out as long as possible but it will only succeed in delaying the inevitable. If you feel this is harsh then consider the similar case of Microsoft and Internet Explorer, a much less serious instance of malpractice damaging a competitor's business.


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