Apple Under Anti-Trust Investigation

Reports are starting to trickle through that suggest that Apple's behaviour with regards to its iPhone platform is bring investigated for breach of anti- trust regulations. In fact if some reports are to be believed agencies of the US government are queuing up to prosecute the case.

Leading the clamor for an investigation has been Adobe, no surprise there then. At some point the arbitrary changes to the app store terms and conditions was going to end up in a legal problem for Apple. Now that day has come and organizations like the EFF will be looking to the regulators to curb Apple's control.

Personally I'd like to see the iTunes app and music stores split off from the main company and forced to operate independently. Somehow I don't think this is a very likely outcome though...


Anonymous said…
You are an idiot. I guess you believe what you want to believe.
Anonymous said…
"dumber" is right.

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