Apple To Move iPhone To The Top Of The Screen Resolution Charts

A lot of people that I speak to and work with are iPhone ownership, however that's becoming less true with every passing day as another Android phone supplants the iPhone.

Apple clearly isn't going to roll over and let Google take over the smartphone market, so the launch of the iPhone HD, just over a week away, should be something of a landmark moment in smartphone history...

The arrival of multi-tasking has already been confirmed and there's a good chance that Bing will replace Google as the default search engine. Technically we know that the iPad's GHz A4 processor will make the jump too. Its in screen resolution that Apple is going to really jump the competition, with a microscopic investigation of an escaped iPhone's screen (in the Czech Republic) revealing a resolution of 960x640 - quadrupling the pixel count of existing iPhones and surpassing the X10's 854x480 to become the highway resolution screen on any smartphone shipping. It will give developers some some interesting problems though - like supporting three different resolutions and making their games (in particular) look good on all three. Not a problem that's unique to Apple, but a relatively new problem for app writers on that platform.

When will it ship? I suspect that it won't be until the autumn, in fact but for the recent leaks I suspect Apple wouldn't have been announcing it for at least another couple of months.


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